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The brand new NIVONA CafeRomatica 1030 - perfectly made for small offices and big family homes

Improve your work-life balance: With the brand new model CafeRomatica 1030, NIVONA had those costumers with a lot of passion for coffee in mind. The 1030 is bigger, faster and packed with the latest technology, like the innovative Aroma Balance System. This model responds perfectly to the needs and requirements of a private household, an office community or a small business. In a firm, a chancellery, a practice or in beauty and hair salons: with the 1030 you can memorize up to 18 personalised coffee recipes for colleagues, employees and costumers.

The brand new NIVONA CafeRomatica 1030: a delicious way to inspire costumers, motivate employees or enhance the quality of life at home.

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* Colour TFT touch screen display

Graphics in colour and written information on the brilliantly sharp TFT touch display ensure  impeccable operation, with the rotary or via touch.

* Integrated Bluetooth for app use

Get your coffee via Smartphone

* Extra large bean container

A capacity of 600g for many cups of coffee (expandable to 1000g)

* Extra large water tank

3,5 l for nearly endless pleasure