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With a NIVONA fully automatic coffee machine, there are so many options when preparing your coffee. But – despite all the technology – it’s Nature that has the greatest influence on the flavour: the bean and how it is treated, roasted and ground. It’s only logical that the passionate coffee freaks at NIVONA also spend a lot of time on this raw material for high-level coffee enjoyment.

Caffè Milano

Intense pleasure with our all-rounder: Caffè Milano is popular thanks to its harmonious balanced flavour. That makes it perfect for all coffee specialities – especially cappuccino.

Caffè Bergamo

Connoisseurs agree: the smooth taste of our Caffè Bergamo is inspiring. Its superior quality and unique aroma result in an unparalleled mild flavour. This bean’s flavour develops harmoniously in espresso, cappuccino and other coffees.

Caffè Torino

The best choice for gourmets and individualists: our Caffè Torino is made of 100 per cent gourmet Robusta beans, which gives it an intense flavour. Its exciting, full-bodied aromas are reminiscent of nuts and chocolate. The perfect bean for every espresso lover.