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coffee beans before the roasting procedure

Character and enchanting aroma - the roasting procedure

Only by roasting, the coffee beans can unfold their characteristics and the well known taste. It is a question of experience and sensitivity which taste nuances the coffee roaster can present in detail. Depending on the raw beans and the skill of the roaster, a whole variety of flavours can unfold: chocolaty, nutty, fruity, classy, spicy, dry, dark or bitter.

Two important thinks happen in the roasting procedure:

1. The coffee beans lose water and therefore weight. The volume on the other hand rises.

2. When the temperature rises the typical coffee aromas appear. With 160°C and more the sugar contained in the beans caramelises (brown sugaring). Between 165°C and 210°C the roast aromas emerge. The whole process takes between 12 and 20 minutes.

Light roasted beans for filter coffee taste fruity and mildly sour and are not that strong. Dark roasted beans for espresso contain more bitter compounds and roast aromas, therefore they are stronger and less sour.

Hm ... Is there something more delicious than the scent of freshly roasted coffee?