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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, your local NIVONA dealer will gladly assist you. If questions about your appliance arise later, you can also find the answers in the manual. You can see or download these here.

The coffee only comes out of the spout of my NIVONA machine in small drops, so percolation takes a very long time. What is causing this problem?
The coffee is probably too finely ground. Please adjust the grind fineness settings so that it is coarser (Warning: Only adjust the grinding control when the grinder is in motion!). When preparing pre-ground coffee, using the powder chute, make sure that the coffee powder is not too fine.

When using my NIVONA Spumatore the milk is hot, but no longer frothy. What can I improve?
Please clean the frothing element for the Spumatore thoroughly (while disassembled), following the appropriate instructions in the manual.

Of what material is the conical grinding gear in NIVONA machines made?
The high-quality conical grinding gear is made of hardened steel.

Is it normal for some water to run into the overflow receptacle after every use, and for there to be water in the drip tray?
Yes, this is normal. After every use, the excess water for the coffee grounds and the excess pressure on the form of water flow are drained from the inside of the machine and into the drip tray.

Does a fully automatic coffee machine have to be cleaned or descaled?
Yes, because only a well cleaned and descaled fully automatic coffee machine can provide superlative coffee indulgence. Please pay attention to the manual and the signs on your machine's display.

Which descaler is best suited to descaling fully automatic coffee machine?
Please use NIVONA's SPECIAL liquid descaler. Never descale with vinegar or even formic acid, as this can damage the seals inside the machine.

How can I adjust how strong my coffee is?
First you can, of course, choose mild, normal or strong coffee during the preparation at the touch of a button (the ground amount is adjusted at this point, between 7, 9 and 11 g coffee per cup). The grinding setting should be adjusted to medium. Finally, you should sample one espresso or coffee. If the espresso is too strong or too weak for you, you should adjust the ground quantity accordingly (so, for example, if it is too strong, adjust to normal or mild; if it is too weak, it requires more ground coffee, so adjust to normal or strong). After you have made this adjustment, the grinding setting can be fine-tuned (Warning: only adjust the grinding setting when the grinder is in motion). For a more intense taste, for instance for an espresso, you should decrease the grinding level at this point, and increase it for milder coffee, until you have found the optimum result for your taste.

Can I also put mineral water into the water tank of my NIVONA, to have less lime?
No, we recommend not to use mineral water. It contains minerals, calcium and magnesium and that leads to even more lime. Use cold, fresh water instead and descale on a regular basis. To avoid lime better, please use a Claris fresh water filter.

The drip tray is empty but the machine still says "empty trays".
At the rear end of the drip tray are two metal contacts. Between them is a gap that needs to be clean and dry at all times. Also the counterparts of these contacts in the inside of the machine should always be clean and dry. When emptying the drip tray the contacts could get wet. So before putting the drip tray back in the machine, always make sure that the contacts are clean and dry.